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Bank on us for Primo Quality Assurance Services

AIT is a QA Consulting Company and offers 360 degrees of software testing services for desktop and mobile applications. Our dexterous test engineers assure to deliver quality with constant and dedicated support to meet our quality standards. Powered by years of experience in the realm of Security testing, AITIAN ensures Quality Assurance Services solutions to be in line with the client’s expectations. With a date QA process along with top-notch tools and methodologies, we have delivered complex and challenging projects within deadlines.

Why choose AIT as QA Consulting Company

QA Training and Knowledge

QA Training and Knowledge: Either its performance, functionality, security testing, API, or any other type of testing our engineers push themselves on multiple pieces of training to keep knowledge updated. Complex automation or scrutinizing security flaws, we got it all.

Nimble-fingered QA Engineers

QA units are expertise and exposed in various technological domains such as Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Cybersecurity and much more. Motivated and result-oriented are two vital words to describe common quality across all QA talents. The team always absorbs up-to-date technology and practices how the outcomes would elevate client’s expectations.

Believe in Transparency

The client is always in control of testing activities with a customized report that includes test coverage, test results, failure trends, level of quality, and much more. As a leading Software Testing Company, AIT has developed trust and thus there is 100% results visibility.


As a well-known Software Testing Company, we do things the right way!

Below are few types of testing that are being carried out at AIT

Automation Testing

  • Delivery time is reduced
  • Magnify your Return on Investment
  • The dedicated and motivated automation testing services team
  • Customized reporting as per client’s needs
  • Productive results along with end-to-end automation testing services
  • Transparency regarding growth

E-Commerce Testing

  • UI/UX testing thoroughly
  • Mobile and Desktop both are vital part in e-commerce industry get those tested thoroughly, thus increase your customers trust and growth
  • Prevents any hindrance to end user
  • Documentation and mapping of bugs with functionality for easy tracing 
  • Swift and secure websites

Functional Testing

  • Use cases for in-depth understanding
  • Compliance with client’s specifications 
  • Validation along with verification of applications
  • Testing based on specifications in the document
  • As per phases regression testing, user acceptance testing and other applicable testing are taken into consideration.

Localization Testing

  • Testing done with respect to environment targeted
  • Validation that applications are linguistic and culturally appropriate with local time zone and keyboard usage.
  • Translation testing with accuracy 
  • Scrutinize vital elements such as text style, fonts, size of font, currency, and other associated parameters.

Manual Testing

  • Safeguard high quality manual testing services with continuous functional and regression testing cycles
  • Ensure no blockers over rolling of patches, fixes with sanity and smoke testing.
  • Adequate user acceptance testing, bug reporting, test planning with test plans and effective status reports.
  • Insure your product with eminent manual testing services.

Mobile App Testing

  • Testing on top platforms such as IOS, Android with up to date real devices.
  • Potential testing on mobile application with respect to various OS versions
  • Deliver smooth customer experience 
  • Stress, Spike, Scalability testing to ensure mobile app performance 
  • Automating mobile app testing to save time and cost 
  • Safeguard mobile apps from hackers and security breaches.
  • Certify apps that are hassle free to install, quick approval on play and app store and easy to update as and when required

Performance Testing

  • Load testing supports application performance to be confident while behaving under unexpected increase of load.
  • Stress testing aids to know the maximum capacity of application
  • With the help of volume testing, we certify the amount of data that can be accommodated by application
  • As application needs to expand, we also introduced scalability testing that ensures behavior under any increment of system or any kind of changes in architecture.
  •  Large pool of users can work simultaneously on application with any kind of performance issues.

Performance Testing

  • Based on client’s requirements successful regression cycles are introduced at every interval.
  • Each modification team ensures the application is bug free and no major user error. This helps client to have safe updates of application with minor fixes at regular interval.
  • After every change in functionality or bug fixes, automation testing can assist to get results within less time.
  • Manage test cases with ease and hassle free by having a dedicated and motivated team.

Security Testing

  • Preclude any kind of potential breaches.
  • Security assessment on each aspect either code, infrastructure, server etc.
  • Managing risks effectively.
  • Secure your network so users valuable and confidential data is safe.
  • Inspect every loopholes and vulnerabilities present in the system.
  • Testing done with standard and licensed tool.

Usability Testing

  • Test application across various geographical locations with up to date devices and tools
  • Mobile apps user interface along with design and easy to use attracts more user with positive reviews.
  • All relevant parameters for usability are taken into consideration and suggestive measures are given to elevate the feel of application.
  • We extend our usability testing by including random users to test and thus get their valuable feedback, this helps to have a second perspective towards UI and its functionality.

API Testing

  • Seamless integration with rapid testing.
  • Review on specifications of API, development, test cases and scenarios along with reports.
  • Applicable testing such as security testing, load testing etc. are taken into consideration.
  • Latest and appropriate tools are used as per the web services to be tested.

Cloud Testing

Automation Testing

  • We offer cloud-based manual as well automation testing as a service
  • As per client’s demand we configure tools and set up aimed environment for testing. 
  • Set up cloud infrastructure within minimum time along with ease of scalability, storage is unlimited and lots more.
  • Software testing results easily accessible from anywhere.

AIT is a One-stop Solution for Better Quality Assurance Services

If you are looking to hire a software testing company in India, you can look for a company like AIT that specializes in your particular technology stack and budget. We are an automation testing services and manual testing services company in India specializing in web, mobile apps, and cloud solutions. With strong tech minds and a dedication to work ethics, we specialize in helping clients meet their business goals by providing quality, cost-effective security testing and quality assurance services.

Software testing services are a critical component of any organization’s success, and outsourcing these services to a QA consulting company has benefits. The experienced team of automation testing services and manual testing services at AIT understands the business needs of the organizations they serve and is committed to providing them with lasting value-addition and a competitive edge. So, if you have been looking for a new challenge, you’ve come to the right place.

This global QA consulting company focuses on enhancing the quality of the projects it works on. With streamlined manual and automated testing processes, we can create comprehensive test plans for complex scenarios. Our team of talented security testing services can test software on multiple platforms. They use various tools for performance, functional, and bug tracking.

This software testing company has established its name as a reputed software testing company in India. Our services cover various domains, including e-commerce, gaming, and R&D. Apart from this, we provide various automation testing services and manual testing services for various software and websites. The experts of this QA consulting company are experienced in 2D/3D art and game development. We are also known for our offshore security testing and quality assurance services.