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In 2015, A major Airlines company lost over 4 million USD after having to ground their entire fleet for a couple of hours. The cause? Their computer systems were unable to send crucial flight information accurately to dispatch. This goes to show just how calamitous the lack of proper performance monitoring can be. Here at AIT, we are offering well-equipped Performance Engineering to confront and correct even the most complex system aberrations.

In today’s world of technology, even the smallest of businesses rely on effective databasing and application management. Slow applications with a high downtime can lead to issues such as monetary losses, customer dissatisfaction, and a lowering of brand image. All of this gives rise to a singular calamity: Loss of business productivity. AIT has over 10 years of experience in crafting dynamic solutions for application performance issues, be it APIs, mobile apps, or websites.

Our process of Performance Engineering is threefold:

  • holistic approach towards understanding issues, for a broader, more precise perspective on causes.
  • An agile approach towards troubleshooting to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Development of a strategic fix that can be modified as per client requirements.

But this is only the beginning’, as our DevOps experts like to say. We realise that the key to effective performance management is constant monitoring, which ensures that minor snags/breakdowns are dealt with, in the smallest possible time frame. Our end-to-end performance engineering services help in bettering your system integrity. In keeping with the dynamic requirements for mobile application management, we always ensure that your application is easily available to customers, and highly responsive in meeting their demands. We are highly committed to adaptability, both in our approach to, as well as our execution of, APMs (Application Performance Management) to address issues faced by our clients. We make use of a variety of application testing tools, to order to constantly optimize your app/website performance. This, combined with our high-efficiency approach towards problem-solving, all but guarantees high scalability and high customer satisfaction for our clients. Rest assured, whatever your application/system issues may be or you need any Application Development Services, our hands-on approach and cutting-edge service delivery will never disappoint.