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Technical Support

As applications and products become increasingly complex, end user support is essential to improving productivity while simultaneously driving operational cost reduction. Our proven methodology for Managed IT Support combines best practices with innovative strategies for application maintenance, process improvement, and update implementations.

Aiding clients with product, platform and application support, as well as technical and helpdesk support, our delivery teams offer round-the-clock Managed IT Support and service with a strategic combination of on-site and off-site support via email and voice. From troubleshooting and change management to deployment and performance management, our competent technical professionals intimately understand our clients’ business needs, overcoming their challenges with immediate solutions.

The benefit of AIT’s Technical Support solutions and Managed IT Support are reduced technical maintenance costs, improved resolution time, reduced downtime, and increased performance levels. As a result, our clients are better positioned to effectuate higher value of their IT investments in addition to driving increased customer satisfaction and workflow performance.

Business Process Outsourcing

Organizations frequently recognize the need to outsource back office support in order to capitalize on their strengths, reduce costs and mitigate risk. We have the functional experience to deliver transformative industry expertise and unparalleled quality of service to help our clients realize those objectives.

Our onsite and offshore hybrid delivery model provides a solid foundation for building process automation, business intelligence, and unparalleled accountability. As the business landscape continues to evolve, we work diligently within a number of industry verticals to ensure that business outcomes are not negatively affected by increasingly complex operational standards.

delivery methods

off site

IT expertise, on-demand. Get the exceptional IT solutions you need without the added burden of accommodating on-site consultants.

on site

Local talent at your fingertips. We provide on-site IT consultants who expertly bring your IT projects to fruition while meeting your deadlines.


Do more with less. Our offshore IT team delivers highly reliable, technically proficient, and cost effective solutions to meet your IT initiatives.


Ultimate flexibility. By combining our on-site, off-site, and offshore teams, we stay responsive to your needs, your deadlines, and your budget.

“We Support Multiple Verticals And Industry Sectors Through A Variety Of Flexible Delivery Methods, To Ensure Our Clients Gain A Competitive Edge In A Timely, Cost-Effective Manner.”